\ Art Shenanigans

Playing with style for Forseti, I am endlessly unsure of how I want to draw her

A stress relief sketch I started last night and finished this morning ´͈ ᵕ `͈

Phew so I finished this wayyyyy later than I expected, but here’s my entry for the Ava’s Demon “Design your Demon” contest! My demon’s name is To’Droc and she was a doctor, she grows herbs in her skin to use for on-the-spot medicine making. I’ve always had kind of bad luck with my health so I figured it would fit to have someone like this as my demon, especially when she (To’Droc) would be the kind to get irritated when I get sick haha

First big thing I’ve done for myself and that wasn’t MD related in a long time! This is an entry to the gaiaonline Summer Festival event’s art contest.

a warm up doodle that got a little out of hand


A bust of Levi from SNK as requested by one of the giveaway winners ♥

reblogging here because this is the first time I’ve ever drawn him! and it’s the only the second time I’ve ever drawn anything snk related, which is weird because I really liked the show :v

was flipping through my portfolio and really felt like sketching Yamika after looking at sketches of her

I’ve been sitting on this request for forever (´﹏` ) but it’s finally done! Spock in #8 for my sister.

doodles a lot :T

took a break from homework and working on missing dream to draw the stuff in my handbag


6-19-2014 || Update! Read the new page here || Start at the beginning here

There will be an update every weekday next week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) to help push things along so make sure to tune in everyday to see the new update :)

Ever wondered why I haven’t been posting much for the past couple months? This is the reason! The comic isn’t very far in but it’s slowly getting there :) I really look forward to continuing my work on it and I hope that some of you will be excited about it too! I’m actually holding a giveaway for it right now, you can get information on that here.

I love Jade!!! This is #15, I might do #6 later when I have more time


gosh I love fef, I haven’t drawn her in such a long time c’:

It’s been forever since the last time I’ve drawn her :v